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The number one choice for clients seeking expert, value for money advice in cultural planning and management.

Business Values

Sue Boaden Cultural Planner is guided by the following values:

Good governance
A high standard of ethical practice is adhered to including a commitment to acting with integrity, fairness and equity and for being accountable.

Concerned with ensuring the long term viability and demonstrated benefits of the work undertaken for clients. Past performance demonstrates that the business can be trusted to provide objective and reliable advice as well as value for money.

A demonstrated passion for giving new ideas a go and for imaginative thinking provides a foundation for venturous thinking.

The spirit of cooperation and partnership underpins the enterprise informing every project and program.

Future orientation
The enterprise adopts a forward looking approach to its work which ensures that it is up to date and ahead of the game in research including trendspotting on behalf of clients in the broad arts/ culture sector.

Civic responsibility
Committed to giving back to the sector including through pro bono voluntary work in the community cultural sector.